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Committed to Success

HAMB, JV will work closely with HJAIA/COA to develop an approved EBO program. This full program will be posted here once available.

We plan to recruit firms to the City of Atlanta's Program in an effort to increase capacity of the market. Please see the following link to the City of Atlanta EBO Program website here for more information. 


HAMB, JV will develop a comprehensive Outreach Program to network and build relationships with EBO firms. We will host numerous outreach events to allow meaningful relationships and connections to be built.


HAMB, JV will focus on both prime and sub-prime contracting opportunities for EBO Firms and still strive to meet or exceed our goal for the ATL South Parking Deck Phase 1 Project.


Once EBO firms have secured an opportunity, HAMB, JV will support these firms in an effort to help ensure a positive experience for the EBO firm that enhances the portfolio for these firms.

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